Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Rucu Pichincha

Sunday was the "big" day for having a hike to one of the highest surrounding volcanoes of Quito. Together with friends from Spanish school we met at the TeléferiQo. Eighteen gondolas soar up the walls of the mountain range to the west of Quito leading to the Pichincha Volcanoes. We have expected an easy walk but just at the very first beginning the altitude of 4100m was to high for one of our friends. He had to go back! The rest of the hike up to the summit was very exhausting.

It took us at least 3.5h to reach the top. To be on top of this volcano was a great feeling. We even could see a falcon very close to us and then taking of down the crater. We spent some time there in 4680m to enjoy the sun and then went back down again. One of the most strangest things was that we have met several Austrians on the hike. They came from Vienna to Voralberg. Some have been teaching, others have been working voluntarily and a few have been there for vacation.

Back in Quito we've rested a bit before we went for a "all you can eat" Mongolian dinner. It was really great to have this nice day fade out with a good meal and nice people.

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