Monday, 19 November 2007



Last week I returned safe home from Ecuador and also my luggage arrived a few days later. After being in Austria such a long time I'm again on travel. Tomorrow I head to Russia for a business travel and a few days sightseeing. The most difficult thing is to get the Russian visa. I'm glad my colleagues from the company took care of that. Now I have two passports to travel! The visa was issued during my stay in Ecuador and I had to get a second pass for it.

This week I will attend a fair in Moscow. It's called Terminals-Russia 2007 and I will represent my company there. After the fair is over I will extend my stay and explore cold Russia. Actually it has -12°C and that is not very cold for Russia. I expect many strange experiences and will report soon from Russia.


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Will said...

Good luck Richard. I hope you have lots of great experiences. We're having a warmer adventure, leaving for the rain-forest in an hour.