Saturday, 10 November 2007

Iberia jet skids off runway at Quito airport

I was already wondering why I didn't have major troubles with buses this time. The reason is simply that this time I have problems getting back to Austria. I just spend some time if Iberia flies today or not - The flight should be scheduled and I'm heading off for the airport now - Here is a report from the A.P.:

QUITO, Ecuador - An Iberia jetliner skidded off a runway in Ecuador on Friday, an airport official said, the second such incident in the last four months. No injuries were reported.

At least one tire burst on the landing gear of the plane as it touched down, causing it to slide off the runway tipped on its wing, airport director Diego Pachel said.

He said the Airbus A340-600 - the largest aircraft authorized to land at Quito's Mariscal Sucre airport - took off from Madrid and was carrying 330 passengers.

On Aug. 31, the tires of another Iberia jet from the Spanish capital burst upon landing in the Ecuadorean capital. No injuries were reported. (AP)

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