Sunday, 11 November 2007

¡Fin De Viaje!

I'm now in the airport again and have a lot of time until the next flight to Guayaquil. The journey is: Quito - Guayaquil - Madrid - Vienna - Graz

This attempt started very well today. All the food and drinks I've ordered yesterday was on the bill of Iberia. Here in the airport I could manage to get in the lounge for free because I could convince the staff that I really would enjoy my stay there [...]

Meanwhile I'm at home! Yesterday Iberia staff came to me in the VIP lounge and guided me to the check-in. They stoped the queue at the check-in and let me enter first. Then all passengers have been transfered in two planes to Guayaquil where the big Iberia plane waited for us. Madrid was a nightmare becuase of the queues in front of all security checks and passport controls. Hundreds of people had to wait for a long time to get served.

In Vienna there was a surprise for me - My luggage got lost on the way and it was not able to trace where it is. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get an update where it is. The rest of the journey was a two hours ride with the train throgh mountainus Austria. In upper styria there was already a lot of snow - Time for winter sport!!

Now my journey is over and I'm a bit sad that this nice time is over now. I'm very happy that I met so many nice people on my trip and look forward to see them again - Either in Ecuador or somewhere around the world.


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