Thursday, 8 November 2007

Montañita - Surfers Paradise

I'm now finally in Montañita. It was a very long travel from Quito to Montañita. It took almost two days in tiny andean busses. I've chosen the route Quito - Latacunga - Quevedo - Manta - Montañita. This city is very laidback. Just surfers and some other stranded people are here. No "peligroso" all the time - That is very special for me. Yesterday, in Quevedo, I've decided to take a little walk to the central bus station which is located in the suburbs of the city. Unfortunatley I didn't find it at once and so I had to ask a taxi driver for assistance. This guy was very astounded that I made it through the slums without being bothered.

Today was totaly reserved for chilling and sufing. It was a perfect day - just the weather was a bit disturbing. It was rainy and foggy all day! But after this nice day I will proceed tomorrow to Cuenca - This will take about 12h busride if everythings works out smooth. In this city I will buy me a nice Panama hat and then proceed back to Qito.

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