Sunday, 11 November 2007

Stuck in Quito!!

I almost made it to Madrid this evening - but almost is not enough! After coming early to the airport it took ages to get checked in because the plane was fully booked after the accident yesterday. We had to wait a couple of hours until we received the information that the airport is closed because of air turbulences. The plane was already on the way to Quito but had to return back to Guyaquil. The next announcement - again after hours - was that we have to stay over night in Quito and continue the travel at the next day. Tomorrow we will fly to Guyaquil and from there to Madrid. there we will arrive about 7-8 in the morning.

I'm now in the Marriott in Quito and had a nice midnight snack. I could manage to get a single suite instead the double feature that the airline provided. Instead of waiting together with the other stranded passengers I've took a cab to the hotel and was the last passenger of the first group. Now I'll have a nice bath and seep a few hours until we get picked up to the airport.

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Will said...

Hi Richard, we heard that the airport was closed so your post didn't come as a surprise. The hotel looks nicer than the hostel :-)

Hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly!